Wednesday, July 1, 2015

Capricorn Full Moon ~ July 2015

Another Full Moon is upon us! If you're lucky and you've looked up in the night sky over the past few days, the moon has been delightfully and wonderfully growing into its fullness. As its grown fuller, its moved away from two very bright spots in the night sky, Jupiter, and the brighter spot, Venus. Gorgeous!

With Pluto being the Ruler of the Underworld, there is much hidden, darkly emotional movement happening at this time. It opposes the warrior Mars and squares the Nodes, making another Cardinal Cross ~ which always carries a whallop.

In the Earth sign of Capricorn, the place of material manifestation, this Full Moon queries: What are your values? This Full Moon wants you to be grounded, to focus on commitments that run deep into your soul. How can you balance those values with your daily world?

The question of balance goes even further because of the Cardinal Cross: Be aware that you may feel needy and reactive (South Node in Aries). Let that neediness and reactivity settle down before taking any actions (North Node in Libra) and moving forward.

Opportunities may show up with a sense of duality: work or family/personal; right or wrong; miscommunication or healing; crisis or opportunity. Breathe through them. Take your time with decisions. Work on self-affirming habits. Adapt to demands of the times.

What is this Full Moon revealing to you? What is the light at the end of the tunnel? What is the buried treasure that you are uncovering? What do you value?

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