Tuesday, September 8, 2015

Embrace Change


On the front of the card:
Wear red shoes.
Embrace change.
Give gratitude a voice.
Love with your whole heart.

On the back of the card:
I will not be afraid of things changing. I will enjoy the moment I am in and not worry about what comes next.

As I prepared to draw a card, I paused, took a deep breath, released it and focused on "What do I need to hear today?" This lovely angel was the card I drew. I grinned as I read the small phrases on the front. When I turned it over, the focus on change and living in the moment rang true within my heart.

Several years ago, I recall a saying making the rounds among my friends: "The only constant in life is change." So incredibly true! I really cannot count on things staying the same forever. Just as the year rambles its way through the changing seasons, so does everything in my life.

Yet so often I hear people talking as though attempting to keep those changes at bay with statements like "If only the children stayed that age" or "I'd love to be able to run like I did in high school" or even "Those were the days." When I let those phrases, and so many more like them, go through my head or get stuck in my mind or heart, I step outside the present moment and into the past. That can be a fun place to visit, but not to stay.

Life is all about change. The different colors of the leaves in Fall. Barrenness in Winter. New life in Spring. Wildly abundant growth in Summer. The seasons remind me to allow for that change and run with it. Enjoy the season that exists right now, that brings me life.

What's been a recent change in your life? How do you handle it? What do you expect to happen? What happens when you resist it? How do you feel? What can you do to embrace change in your life?

Monday, September 7, 2015

Faith in Myself

Usually I have a pleasantly upbeat attitude. Lately, though, I find myself rocking wildly between upbeat and beaten up. This emotional roller coaster takes its toll on me when this happens.

Sometimes, maintaining equilibrium in the midst of everything life tosses my way is not as simple as at other times. This happens to be one of those more challenging times.

I have several decisions to make ~ important decisions, life-changing decisions, radical truth decisions. Every hillock and valley the roller coaster careens over and through leaves its tracks. If these decisions, or any one of these decisions, was not present in my life, maybe the sense of vertigo would abate. Not gonna happen. Because every one of these decisions is here, demanding attention now.

This morning, when making my cuppa, I was struck with joy at seeing this Teabag Tarot attached to my teabag. The first part of the koan, wisdom in your actions, felt a bit flimsy. I am not secure in the wisdom of my actions. I move forward, as openly and honestly as I can without leaving myself vulnerable to attack as I maneuver through the daily minefields. Am I wise? Well, as wise as I can be under the circumstances.

It was the second phrasing that twanged the chord in my heart: faith in your merits. I have been feeling wobbly and anxious, challenged and singled out, with a notable lack of faith in myself. This little piece of paper gave me pause to re-evaluate my personal truth: I am lovable, capable and worthy. What I think, feel, do and say matters. I am a positive influence on others. Funny how reading those four simple words on a tag attached to a teabag can boost my spirit and carry me through my day.

Do you believe in your merits? What are they? Can you list at least three? How do you feel when you do list them? Say them out loud. Do you feel different? List them somewhere where you can see them throughout the day. Look at them when anyone, including yourself, attempts to belittle or diminish you.