Saturday, November 18, 2017

Scorpio New Moon 2017

Another New Moon ~~ this month, in Scorpio, the sign of hidden truths. We are in the traditional falling aspect of the Moon since the Sun is going deeper into darkness before it resurrects in December. Scorpio is represented by four diverse Beings: the Scorpion, the Snake, the Eagle and the Phoenix ~ all creatures of transmutation. Since Scorpio rules transformation and metamorphosis, we are in a time of edginess and a sort of uncertainty.

Let's turn our focus to the positive aspects of Scorpio ~ passion, resourcefulness, deep perception, focus. We have time to work on our own skills of self-reflection and self-mastery. Probe our own depths for moments when we feel out of control. Work on freeing ourselves of those burdensome emotions and tendecies toward self-inflicted woundings.

The Scorpio New Moon provides the environment for us to delve our deepest self and the mysteries of our world, to compassionately feel into others' motivations, to dedicate ourselves to one particular undertaking. Its watery sign has place us in the best current for doing our healing work, particularly in the arena of the emotions if we are willing to dive below the surface to reach them. The deeper we dive, the stronger our abilities to heal others. We have a tremendous opportunity to surface psychological and spiritual insights over the next month as well ~ if we are willing to be vulnerable and take a risk to show our personal power. If we allow it, Scorpio will help us eliminate whatever has held us back so we can heal the past and begin anew.

With its hidden power, the Scorpio New Moon illuminates our connection to the Dark Feminine Divine. Use it to release fear of others taking power over us. Use it to dive deeper into the purifying fires of Pele, the rattling skulls of Kali, the fertile seeds of Persephone, and the intimate sensuality of Lilith. The Dark Feminine Divine does not discriminate against any gender, but empowers each of us in Her Own way.

We are called to bring all that we are to our lives, every aspect and every facet of ourselves. The challenge is to embrace it fully ~ roses with soft petals, enticing scents, thorns and all. Are you ready?

How do you incorporate Scorpio's positive traits into your life? What are you willing to bring to the surface? What healing will you allow into your life? How deep are you willing to dive? What fear/s are you willing to release? What undertaking are you ready to take to a deeper level? What practice will you embrace to keep yourself grounded?

Monday, November 6, 2017

A Great Pilgrimage

When this quote slipped across my screen, I paused. I have a particular love for the term pilgrimage. Its etymology and definition can be summed up as a journey to a distant place for spiritual knowledge and/or edification.

I felt in need of a great pilgrimage, so I sat still for three days, and God came to me.

 Over the years, I've been fortunate enough to go on many pilgrimages. Several of them echoed Kabir's words. Which is likely why I was so drawn to them.

Pilgrimage = journey to a distant place. St. Thérèse of Lisieux is the patron saint of pilgrimages though she never left her home town of Lisieux. Why?

Thérèse exemplified Kabir's words. Repeatedly in her writings and in the stories of her life are instances of her visitations from the Divine, even as she sat quietly in prayer. Often, she was berated for falling asleep during her prayers. Her response was that she was alseep in the arms of God. So deep in conversation that to those around her, she was not awake nor aware. She was far away.

No matter what we choose to call the Divine, we have repeated opportunities to do as Thérèse did. Our focus on the Divine can be so intense that we appear to others to be asleep. We know we are not. We know the dream world through which we are moving is the realm of the Divine.

Sometimes we have the chance to travel in this world as well. To go on pilgrimage. To walk and move in the holy places, wherever they may be. After my first trip to the Holy Land, a friend asked me to describe how the place felt. Was it different from home? My response came in the form of a smile and an enigmatic statement, That's why they call it the Holy Land. When many people's hearts, minds and prayers focus on a particular place, all that graced energy makes the place itself holy. It enshrines the energetics of the land itself and dedicates it to the Divine.

Pilgrimage can take place anywhere. We bring the holy with us as we move through the world. As long as we continue to move with prayerful, holy intent, we carry that energy with us. The pilgrimage blesses both us and the place of our focus along with all those we encounter along the way.

When was the last time you went on a pilgrimage? Where did you go? Did the Divine come to you wherever you were? Why did you consider it a pilgrimage? How were you called to it? How did it bless you? What blessing did you bring to it? What difference did it create in you when you returned?

Friday, November 3, 2017

Taurus Full Moon 2017

©2017 ML Monroe
November's Full Moon in Taurus follows on the heels of the New Moon in Libra calling us to find balance, to take time for ourselves, to open our eyes to the challenges. Jupiter and the Sun aligned to encourage our expansive and extensive wishes and seed-planting.

So here comes the powerhouse of the Full Moon in Taurus in the 11th month. A Numerology aside: 11 is a Master Number, with double digits. Not only that, it's a special Master Number because at its core is the ability to reach spiritual enlightenment as well as the duality of the Divine Masculine number 1 AND the Divine Feminine number 2. Balance.

Enough of that. Dipping a toe into numerology is enough for this particular Moon. The sacred energy of the number 11 coupled with the Taurus Full Moon equates to multiple opportunities for positive advancement in business, relationships and home. In every way, this Full Moon is supportive. Time to work on organizing, breaking free of old patterns, and beginning new chapters in life. In a nutshell, transformation. An action that is a challenge to many of us, yet truly necessary if we are to grow more fully into our beingness. Both the Master Number 11 and the Taurus Full Moon are providing the energy ~ if only we take the first step.

Part of that first step includes accepting and relying on our intuition. The Taurus Full Moon accentuates both its strength and accuracy. It also creates a protective space for meditation, lucid dreaming and other spiritual activities. All our dreams, both sleeping and waking, will be more creative and more vivid.

Draw on the energy of this Full Moon to release any fears holding you back from stepping into the life you are called to live. Break through barriers and move forward with strength. Be grounded and allow space for the grief that comes as we let go of what was and what never could be in order to step fully into what is.

If we rely on facts and science, we know that naming our emotions, recognizing and acknowledging them, stops the amygdala from slipping into that fear ~ or fight-or-flight ~ place. That allows our pre-frontal cortex time to breathe and recognize that we've been through this before.

Let's use the power of this Taurus Full Moon as the unique focal point it is. We continue to be called into the deeper and truer parts of ourselves and to develop ways to express those facets of who we are to the world at large. It's part of the duality of the gifts we are given and the gifts we have to offer to the world.

What do you need to let go of in order to grow? What do you stand for? Where do you find solid ground on which to stand? How do your values support you when your emotions get the best of you? What dream calls itself into reality through you right now? How do you express your trust in your own kindness?

Friday, October 6, 2017

Listen, Attend

Our work, our relationships, and our lives succeed or fail one conversation at a time. While no single conversation is guaranteed to transform a company, a relationship, or a life, any single conversation can. Speak and listen as if this is the most important conversation you will ever have with this person. It could be. Participate as if it matters. It does.
- Susan Scott

We spend much of our lives in conversation. We converse with our partners, our children, our parents, our workmates, our neighbors, everyone around us. How well we attend to the other person is often another story. We are often chatting while doing something else. Anything else. Driving. Watching TV. Making dinner. Texting. Listening to music. Watching for our stop on a bus or train.

People make a big deal out of young people (in particular) texting or being on social media rather than communicating face to face. In truth, some of those texts or social media conversations are very intense. The participants are attending closely to what the other is saying. Some of those conversations are skimmed and content or context missed. But that's true in face to face conversations as well. We're alive inside our own personal thoughts, actions, reactions, but not necessarily to what the other is communicating.

Each conversation we have with each person who is in our lives is important, significant in its own unique way. Conversations are about ebb and flow, the back and forth give-and-take of interactions. When we are distracted or focused on something other than the person with whom we are communicating, we miss cues to the deeper message behind their words.

We all want to feel heard, to be heard, to have another respond to us as though we are, in the moment, the most important person in the world. In truth, in those moments of deepest communication, we are that important. In order to receive that focus from another, we must be willing to give it. We must be willing to slow our pace. We must be willing to stop our attempt to 'multitask' and attend to another person. Listen. Attend. It's important.

How many times have you walked away from a conversation with no recall of its content? or its context? What has distracted you during your most recent conversation with another person? and the one before that? When was the last time you felt, thought or believed that another person was not paying attention while you were speaking to them? How did you feel? What can you do to keep your attention in your next conversation?

Thursday, October 5, 2017

Aries Full Moon 2017

©2017 ML Monroe

Wow! Time is certainly moving more quickly every day. Wasn't it yesterday, I wrote about the Solar Eclipse?

Are the two events related? Short answer: of course they are. Everything that has followed the Solar Eclipse is related to it.

The Solar Eclipse brought strong, sometimes subtle, sometimes strong, changes for everyone. The Aries Full Moon brings the time to face whatever obstacles stand in the midst of our life. Then it gives us the light and power to move through and past them as needed. First, though, it requires our surrender of the obstacle that lives within.

Sometimes Aries pulls us into a confrontation mode. We want to battle everyone. What this Full Moon calls us to do is feel deeply into that confrontation to uncover what part of it is assertiveness and what is sheer aggression. We need to shed the aggression and focus on the assertive. Since this Full Moon is happening in conjunction with the Sun sign of Libra, we have the opportunity to draw from that sign to work positively on relationships ~~ not simply charge at and crash into everyone and everything.

Much of what is happening in our world reflects the Shadow. This Full Moon shines a light for us to explore new ways to consciously voice our emotions, to own our wishes, hopes and desires, and to bring honest, open communication into our relationships. It is time to fully grow into and express our true selves, to bring that part of our beingness into Light. We also are in a time where we focus on our place in the Divine Plan.

The proximity of this Full Moon to a Venus-Mars alignment adds a flavor of intensity and passion. There is opportunity and danger as well as both fate and freewill concerning those strong emotions. Though the Aries Full Moon is generally impulsive about moving forward without a backward glance, this one is inhibited by a sulky Pluto in Capricorn and a hesitant Mercury in Libra.

The Aries Full Moon illuminates our need and desire for balance in every aspect of our world. Watch carefully what it brings into illumination for you.

What can you do about violence? in yourself? in your world? How can you create relationships in beauty and remain true to yourself? How do you disagree with others without violating them or yourself? How do you find and maintain balance? How do you break through the learned fear of showing your true self?

Saturday, September 23, 2017

Autumn Equinox 2017

The Equinox is all about equal time. Not surprising that it leads us into the sign of Libra, the Balance. Harmony. Focus. Collaboration. Compassion. All of the aspects of the balancing sign of Libra.

One month ago, we were in the midst of the energy of the Solar Eclipse. Was that truly only one month ago? It seems like a lifetime has evolved in the interim. That eclipse touched at least 14 states in the US ~ maybe more, if counting those that were beyond the 90% totality mark.

Between then and now, several hurricanes, earthquakes and wildfires have touched even more lives. It's almost as though the corona of eclipse lit up more than the sky. And here we are, at the moment in the year where we can almost hear the wheel crank toward autumn. Before it fully clicks into place, we hang in the momentary balance of Light and Dark.

Although we call this day both the final day of Summer and the first day of Fall, neither season moves quite so precisely into the next. Yes, the tilt of the Earth is at its farthest reach. If the sky is clear enough for us to see the Moon, we will also find Jupiter close by, but only in the dance of light before sunset. At least until the 25th, when Saturn steps closer to the Moon.

Fall is the time of year when we switch our goals from expansion and growth to the harvest. Reaping what we have sown. And it signals a general slowing of the pace. Not quite to full relaxation, but certainly to a more mellow pace. The light begins to lessen and the dark and quiet pervade our world. Hopefully, we find our rhythm syncing with Nature's. We feel the cyclical time pulling at us. Quiet ourselves and listen.

What goals and intentions that you planted in the Spring are you reaping now? What are you going to turn under, plow into the soil, this Fall? How will you slow your pace? How do you feel the rhythm of Nature? Where do you find harmony? What in your life needs to be balanced?

Thursday, September 21, 2017

Shower of Flowers

I received an amazing surprise recently. While enjoying my tea and chatting with some friends, a delivery person ~ who looked very familiar! ~ came in with these flowers. He came right up to me and told me they were for me. My eyes widened and my jaw dropped into a silly grin as I thanked him for them. Then he and my partner exchanged glances. I suddenly knew where I'd seen him previously ~ this setting was simply out of context. As my partner got up to leave, we hugged and a whispered "I love you" completed the moment.

Afterward, as I looked at the flowers sitting on the table and as I took this picture, I found the grin still on my face. I posted the picture on social media and gathered my things. I couldn't shake that feeling of being singled out, of being special, of that sweet innocence that comes with a gift.

Throughout the day, my thoughts returned to that sweet event. How often has someone given you flowers? A couple of weeks ago, while shopping at Costco, I commented to my significant other, "I like getting flowers occasionally." If the flowers came that day or even the next, I would've discounted it. I'd asked for them. What happened instead was that my partner kept my comment in mind and surprised me. No special reason. It felt good to be heard.

Occasionally over the years I've gotten myself flowers. After a particularly difficult work day or because I'd completed a project or simply because they looked so beautiful in the store. Did it matter why? No. Their scent, color and aliveness a always made me smile.

I thought about women I'd known who'd done the same. Our culture of "say it with flowers" implies saying "it" to someone else. It's wonderful when someone else gives them. It's also wonderful, in a very different way, when we care enough about ourselves to gift that kind of beauty to ourselves. For no special reason. Just because we heard our own comment and responded accordingly.

What do flowers signify to you? How do you express your caring for another? Do you remember little comments made by those you care about? How do you act on those comments? How are you affected by little acts of kindness made by one who cares for you? How have other moments of kindness shown up in your life?