Wednesday, April 26, 2017

New Moon in Taurus 2017

the nearly New Moon
Focus on both the Moon and the Earth during this Taurus New Moon. The sky focus presents the opportunity for us to reach beyond ourselves, to set goals matching our dreams. The earthy focus offers us the sensual enjoyment of our daily lives: food, nature, movement. Earth brings us stability, security and comfort. Moon brings us dreams, reflection and passion. A good time to assure the safety of our foundation as well as to bring to light the elements that contribute most to our happiness. Find our comfort zone and move forward, however ploddingly, to make changes. In the helper role for this is the trine formed with the New Moon and the North Node of destiny as it wraps up its time in earthy Virgo.

This is a good time for switching gears, for noticing what needs to be changed and making the decision to do so. As we let go during a New Moon, we set a path toward fulfillment at the next Full Moon. This New Moon calls us to look at what is right in front of us while we assess our goals, a good balance. With both the Sun and the Moon in Taurus, the energy of Venus, currently on a healing journey with Chiron, gifts us the energy to conscious, sacred healing of our hearts amidst the slowly churning chaos.

We are also affected by several planets in retrograde:
Venus: Awakening our hearts (March 4th-April 15th)
Mercury: Activating our awakened hearts' clear & concise voice  (04/09 - 05/03)
Jupiter: Reassessing and reinvigorating goals & intuition (02/06 - 06/09)
Saturn: Taking responsibility for our choices & reclaiming our power (04/06 - 08/25)
Pluto: Uncovering our closets' hidden skeletons & transforming our lives (04/20 - 09/28)
Planets further from the Sun will affect us more on the deep, subconscious level so we may not feel their effects as clearly as those closer to the Sun ~ and to the Earth. Times when planets are in retrograde are good times for reflection and introspection. Cooperating with the slow energies of the Taurus New Moon, we move forward into healthy, positive, balanced progress on our goals.

In the midst of what dreams do you currently find yourself? Which goals do you need to reassess? In what new direction are they pointing? What in you needs healing? What is the border of your comfort zone? How can you move yourself beyond it? What will help you feel more stable? more secure? What makes you happy?

Tuesday, April 25, 2017

Energies for Travel

Starting out on a month of travel, I chose a couple of cards from the Mythical Goddess Tarot by Sage Holloway and Katherine Skaggs. My focus as I shuffled and drew: What Energy/Energies go with me as I head out on this journey?

The first card was the 8 of Seas with the title Depletion. My initial reaction was that I'd somehow made a mistake. I hadn't been concentrating on the 'right' thing. We all know the truth of those kinds of reactions. Sometimes what we fear, what we draw away from, is precisely what we need to understand.

I grabbed the guide and read:
Saturn in Pisces
Beached whales lie ashore on gray sands under dull skies. There is no vitality, no light, ... in this landscape. This card is a caution against burnout and emotional depletion.
Your heart must have the nourishment and attention it needs, ... It is a top priority for you to nurture yourself and pay attention to your feelings ....

My jaw nearly dropped in amazement. Then I began to chuckle. Obviously, there was more to this draw than I'd appreciated on first glance. I'm growing past an experience that left me with a degree of PTSD. Even though I've been feeling better and life is going more smoothly, there is some residual angst. My journey is to visit friends who have always been supportive and uplifting. This card reassures that I am going to the right place for my continued healing.

The second draw was Uzume on the Fool. She looks exuberant dancing on the drum head. I love the Fool.

From the guide:
Uzume is the whirling Japanese Goddess who lured the Sun Goddess, Amaterasu, from her dark cave. ...
The Goddess Uzume dances to the whirling cosmos, without regard to the rules and restrictions of the physical world. Like the air element she represents, she has no agenda and no baggage. Uzume draws forth the child-like innocence in everyone she meets. She is the essence of Spirit. She embodies nonconformity and the transcendence of the earthly realm. Uzume is the archetypal Wild Woman. ...
Uzume as the Fool reminds you to be free in your expression and the way you view the world. .... Be like Uzume and free your inner radiance into expression, by being true to your genuine essence, released from the restricted limitations of your genetics and the world around you.

This brought home to me the other reason for my trip: to fully embrace the wildness and wonder of life. I have the opportunity to dance in a way that I haven't for awhile. I've felt this urge growing in recent weeks: the desire to move more freely, and with more joy, in my journey through the world. What an incredible pair of cards to draw!

How are you moving through the world? What saps your vitality? How does depletion show up in your life? What do you do when you feel the urge to dance, in whatever way that shows up? How does it show up in your life? When was the last time you opted to do something that had an element of the wild? What did you do? If it hasn't been recent, what can you do to encourage your own joyful nature?

Saturday, April 22, 2017

Bottle Cap Tarot

Every now and again words of wisdom pop up in the strangest places. I shake my head and chuckle when that happens. It's the strip of words in a fortune cookie striking a chord. Or the magazine ad attempting to catch the consumer's eye catching the heart instead. Or the teabag tag with literary quotes.

Or it shows up on a bottle cap: Live life to the fullest.

In the midst of today's craziness with the media bombarding us with the most devastating and negative information. With governments in every sector taking strong or threatening or isolating stances. With events in nature distracting and destroying. All around us, something offers the opportunity to step into a defensive mode.

What of all this negativity and defensive posturing is truly in our best interest? My first response would be, 'None.' Simplistic and reactionary. Realistically, some of it is in our best interest. Knowing what's true about climate change is in our best interest even if it makes us sad or angry or defensive....maybe even because it does. Seeing the devastation caused by war-like behaviors and natural disasters help balance out our perspective on things that go wrong in our own lives. Awareness of governmental shifts that may adversely affect those with little or no voice is important to know so we can join our voices on those issues.

Of lesser importance is the posturing of angry men ~ and women ~ who may have authority and power, yet are mainly looking to keep us distracted. There is a sleight of hand happening over which we have no personal power.

At the times of our greatest frustrations, we need to keep in mind the wisdom of this little bottle cap: Live life to the fullest. We are responsible for our own lives. We are accountable only for our own actions, including our attitudes and our happiness. Life is for living fully. As we reach out to those we who are nearest and dearest to us, we experience moments of joy, peace and contentment. Our capacity to step into those experiences thwarts the power of the negativity and the naysayers. We take control of the definition of a full life. It's the best form of rebellion and resistance we have.

How do you respond to the negativity in the news today? What do you find works in your best interest? How do you break away from participating in the negativity? How do you define a full life? How do you share your definition with those around you? What is it about your definition that keeps you positive?

Friday, April 21, 2017

Going with the Overflow

Haindl Tarot

As I was heading into the week, I drew a Tarot card from my current favorite deck by Haindl.
My question: What is the theme for the week?
My card: Three of Cups (Overflowing; Hexagram 28)

from the guide:
28 Preponderance of the Great. Three cups are in an upward pointing triangle symbolic of fire. The cave indicates that the card deals with inner experience. Rocks at the bottom hint at danger; however, the cups overflow with joy.
The I Ching hexagram on the card is 28 Ta Kuo ~ whose declaration is Preponderance of the Great. The bottom three lines are Xun (entrance, the wind); the upper three Dui (joy, the marsh). Together as Ta Kuo, they signify a large excess. The large masculine is excessive and the feminine is needed to properly counterbalance that excess.

In order to follow the energy of life, we discover that it is always seeking the best of what we may become. Nature's creativity thrives in diversity and brings opposites together. Cooperating with creative change generates the means to take us beyond our defenses in order to strike a balance and embrace the change.

Within this structure, the chance of danger remains. Creativity brims with life and vigor. Reaching for those elements presents an overstepping of the edges of safety and comfort. That's always a danger zone. Sometimes we tumble over that edge. Our response in those moments can take us further into that overflow of joy and trust or scrambling back to fear and limitation. The choice is always ours.

What is your experience of joy? How do you work with the sense of fear or loss that can arise with it? How does creativity show up in your life? What stops you from stepping fully into the flow? or into the overflow?

Tuesday, April 18, 2017

Easter/Ostara/Pesach 2017

At this time, Christians celebrate Easter. Jews celebrate Pesach, or Passover. Pagans celebrate Ostara. Muslims observe Al Isra' wal Miraj, Mohammed's Ascension to Heaven.  All these holy days have common elements.

Egypt celebrates Sham el Nessim. In India, the celebration is Baisakhi, the Punjabi New Year. Cultural groups throughout the Northern Hemisphere celebrate Spring, coming Summer, blossoming and rebirth.

Underlying each celebration of Spring is an acknowledgement of renewal, of rebirth, of resurrection. We watch each Fall as around us all of nature fades and either passes into the season of hibernation or lays down its living self to become part of the mulch. Winter brings with it the strong time of hibernation and struggle for survival.

When Spring comes and the greenery breaks through, we rejoice. When our domesticated animals begin their season of reproduction, we rejoice. In the midst of the new work of planting and birthing and coaxing growth, we set aside time to rejoice.

The greatest element in this time of year is resurrection. Everywhere we look there is new life. Even though our minds recognize that it is the usual cycle of the seasons, our spirits are moved by that internal cognizance of nature's rebirth.

Each and every culture celebrates the renewal of life. This is one thing we share, no matter what language, culture, religion, gender, ethnicity. This is a time of rejoicing ~ and we would do well to acknowledge it and participate in the joy.

How do you celebrate the renewal brought by Spring? How has your family historically celebrated? What is different about your celebration from your family's? How do your neighbors celebrate? your friends? your co-workers or classmates? What are the similarities between the celebrations? What are the differences? What brings you the most joy in this time of resurrection, rebirth and renewal?

Tuesday, April 11, 2017

April 2017 Libra Full Moon

©2017 ML Monroe

This month's Full Wind Moon is accompanied by the steady little light of Jupiter (bright dot on the right side of the image higher than the Moon). Considering this in mythic terms: Jupiter always watched the beautiful and powerful women around him ~ mostly in order to capture them and get them with child. The salient point to remember is that he watched those who were significant and powerful in some manner. That makes this a time to be aware of being observed as well as of the nature of the observer. Dance in the fullness of that attention and be awake to what's bearing fruit. [True for every person, regardless of gender.]

There is also a continuing Grand Square in the cardinal signs [Libra, Capricorn, Aries, Cancer] keeping us on our toes and calling forth the necessity of connecting with our spiritual source. It creates a dance of crisis leading to opportunity. Since the interaction with this Full Moon is in Libra, a mental air sign, it will partner with both emotional analysis and emotional objectivity. An overriding energy in the collective continues with expansive, fortunate Jupiter opposite changeable, original Uranus and evolutionary, hidden Pluto squares them both. Working with this energy, we have the opportunity to change our story.

This Libra Full Moon is about relationships ~ ALL relationships. Strengthening them. Living life fully within them. Sharing ourselves honestly. Respecting the Earth and all Her creatures and resources. Recognizing we are in relationship with all that is around us. It's the time and space where we are called to heal our woundedness concerning the Divine Feminine. Bringing all to wholeness.

Another pattern is also happening: a Yod with Mars, Ceres, Vesta and Saturn ~ known as a 'Finger of God' ~ helping heal sorrows we carry from our past and allow to get between us and others. For the time it is with this configuration, action-oriented Mars can focus and assist us to move more fully and directly into that healing.

What are you called to do in this lifetime? How do you allow others to be themselves? How do you release judgments you have of yourself? of others? Can you be fully yourself with others? What masks do you wear that you can release at this time? How can you be of benefit to others? How can you best be your truest and most authentic self? Who do you most influence? Who most influences you?

Sunday, April 9, 2017

Ask Better Questions

Questions elicit answers in their likeness. Answers mirror the questions they…meet. So while a simple question can be precisely what's needed to drive to the heart of the matter, it's hard to meet a simplistic question with anything but a simplistic answer. It's hard to transcend a combative question. But it's hard to resist a generous question. We all have it in us to formulate questions that invite honesty, dignity, and revelation. There is something redemptive and life-giving about asking better questions.
                                        - Krista Tippett

Schools on all levels often teach the Who-What-When-Where-Why-How method of questioning. Using those questions once was the sign of a good investigator as well as a good reporter. It was about getting to the crux of the matter, exploring the details, and cross-checking the facts. Those questions, couched in a variety of other wordings, informed our opinions as they taught us about the many facets and faces of the world around us.

Some people worded their questions to elicit specific responses ~ either in word or in denial. Many asked questions from a mindset that expects particular responses. We learned to listen with ears attuned to words we wanted to hear. It's no longer about finding the facts or telling the most complete version of the story. It's about proving ourselves right. Getting the story out there first took precedence ~ and if some facts were inaccurate, well, we could update it later. Nevermind that most people would never see or hear the update.

To get back to that place of curiosity and wonder, we have to relearn how to do less guiding with our questions. Ask more open-ended, generous and invitational queries. Ask better questions ~ not only in their complexity, but also in their authenticity and genuineness. Set an intention to invite and welcome others, whether they are family, friends, neighbors or total strangers. As we open ourselves to asking better questions, we learn more about those around us. We develop a more sincere way to express ourselves in the world as well.

What questions would you want someone to ask you? How do you respond to quick or simplistic questions? What questions form themselves in your mind when you meet a new person? What keeps you from asking them? How do you pursue conversations with others? Why is it important to you to ask ~ and be asked ~ open and authentic questions?