Wednesday, April 26, 2017

New Moon in Taurus 2017

the nearly New Moon
Focus on both the Moon and the Earth during this Taurus New Moon. The sky focus presents the opportunity for us to reach beyond ourselves, to set goals matching our dreams. The earthy focus offers us the sensual enjoyment of our daily lives: food, nature, movement. Earth brings us stability, security and comfort. Moon brings us dreams, reflection and passion. A good time to assure the safety of our foundation as well as to bring to light the elements that contribute most to our happiness. Find our comfort zone and move forward, however ploddingly, to make changes. In the helper role for this is the trine formed with the New Moon and the North Node of destiny as it wraps up its time in earthy Virgo.

This is a good time for switching gears, for noticing what needs to be changed and making the decision to do so. As we let go during a New Moon, we set a path toward fulfillment at the next Full Moon. This New Moon calls us to look at what is right in front of us while we assess our goals, a good balance. With both the Sun and the Moon in Taurus, the energy of Venus, currently on a healing journey with Chiron, gifts us the energy to conscious, sacred healing of our hearts amidst the slowly churning chaos.

We are also affected by several planets in retrograde:
Venus: Awakening our hearts (March 4th-April 15th)
Mercury: Activating our awakened hearts' clear & concise voice  (04/09 - 05/03)
Jupiter: Reassessing and reinvigorating goals & intuition (02/06 - 06/09)
Saturn: Taking responsibility for our choices & reclaiming our power (04/06 - 08/25)
Pluto: Uncovering our closets' hidden skeletons & transforming our lives (04/20 - 09/28)
Planets further from the Sun will affect us more on the deep, subconscious level so we may not feel their effects as clearly as those closer to the Sun ~ and to the Earth. Times when planets are in retrograde are good times for reflection and introspection. Cooperating with the slow energies of the Taurus New Moon, we move forward into healthy, positive, balanced progress on our goals.

In the midst of what dreams do you currently find yourself? Which goals do you need to reassess? In what new direction are they pointing? What in you needs healing? What is the border of your comfort zone? How can you move yourself beyond it? What will help you feel more stable? more secure? What makes you happy?

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