Tuesday, June 28, 2016

Divine Consciousness

I am a wild woman.
Is that true? Sometimes. More so now that I don't have to go to work every day. Deep down, it's always been true. That wild part within me has clawed my innards daily in order to remind me that who and what I am remains wild and free, roaming the wide worlds within and outside me. Finding my way in the adventure.

I am sacred.
Yes! Every quark of my being screams it moment by moment. Sacred means, quite simply, that I am connected to the Divine. Who among us does not? We forget our connections at our own peril. We release them, but the Divine does not release us. That's what keeps us going. I've learned to trust that.

I am Divine Consciousness.
My awareness of the Divine within me and the Divine around me preserves me in every move I make. With that memory, I let go of the pettiness of personal battles. Are they worth the effort? No. Can they do me real harm? No. I am responsible for that consciousness ~ nothing more and nothing less. The latter is the more difficult. Recognizing that I am bound by and to that Divine Consciousness. I walk the worlds carrying that sense in my soul. What I touch, what I speak, what I make, all belong to the Divine first. I must remain in contact with that Divine, even if it feels like it is a spider-web-thin strand connecting us. Sometimes it feels finer, more delicate than that. Sometimes it feels thick and strong as a steel cable holding a bridge aloft. What I know for sure is that it is always, always present.

How do you see yourself in terms of the sacred? Do you feel your connection? What inspires your wildness? How do you practice and/or remain conscious of that connection? Where do you feel closest to your own Divine Consciousness?

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