Monday, May 27, 2013

Today's Tarot Reading

Focus: Five of Swords
A change of ideas or plans becomes unavoidable. Being forced by circumstances to see things from a different angle. Destruction, waste, and loss threaten to undermine spirits, but the conditions will pass. Beware getting caught up in a negative spiral. Learn the lessons of the current setback and apply them the next time around.
Fascinating to see my current focus as being an unavoidable change. Maybe it's more the focus of staying in the flow and not letting the negativity, change or loss get me down.

Strength: Knight of Swords
It is time for the individual to be prepared for sudden changes; a new idea or vision erupts from within oneself. And the ability to move with this turbulence shows firmness, resoluteness and responsibility. Symbol of creative upheaval, usually leading to success.
My current strength is adaptation to sudden changes or erupting visions. Amazing how that fits hand-in-glove with the focus of change. Adapt. Evolve. Move on.

Challenge: Nine of Cups
Victory and success arrive as long-held dreams come true. Share the power of unconditional love, the benediction, Great Mother in all Her aspects. New and stimulating friends are likely to enter your life. The psyche is rescued from the darkness of the underworld with inner commitment and loyalty, a second meeting of real marriage is possible ~ the inner and outer union.
Here's a thought: Success as a challenge. Possible because ... sometimes self-definition is wrapped up in the dream not the fulfillment of it. Looking forward to seeing what wonder and beauty I get to share!

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