Sunday, February 9, 2014

The Storm in the Heart of the Sun

Again, here's the same quote as posted previously ~~ with a different focus: the storm in the heart of the sun. Since time immemorial, we humans have looked up into the heavens. We have followed the progress of the sun and the moon and the stars. We have watched the various styles of weather and shifts in our capacity to see.

We also follow the effect of the sun and the moon on our planet ~ and on ourselves. In this snippet of the mythos of Dr. Who, he is a Storm of the Sun. This correlates most closely with what we know and name Solar Flares and Coronal Mass Ejections which "are extremely large explosions on the photosphere. In just a few minutes, the flares heat to several million degrees F. and release as much energy as a billion megatons of TNT. ...
Solar flares emit x-rays and magnetic fields which bombard the Earth as geomagnetic storms. ...during sunspot maximums, the Earth will see an increase in the Northern and Southern Lights and a disruption in power grids and radio transmissions. The storms can even change polarity in satellites which can damage sophisticated electronics." []

A Storm in the Heart of the Sun. Think about the power of that image; the possibility of influence over a vast array of power. What would you do with that kind of power? What in your life influences you that much, that completely? How many 'storms' have you weathered? and of what magnitude?

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