Tuesday, June 2, 2015

Full Moon in Sagittarius, June 2015

Aaah. Another Full Moon. Have I ever said that I love the Moon? I believe my first, most ancient love was Lady Moon.

This month's Full Moon is in Sagittarius. Besides which, it's in Mercury Retrograde. What could possibly be more compelling?

Sagittarius is all about faith, wisdom, publishing, foreign travel and the quest for truth. This Full Moon will be right there. Personal life, world events, all focussed on these same issues... going on a journey, writing, religion... watch for them! Your belief system may be challenged or you may feel the need to defend your faith or you may be roused to a stronger sense of purpose. All this can give you a feeling of being unstoppable, able to take on the world! Careful of being overconfident. The high may be endorphins which dissipate along the way to leave you challenged and with fewer resources that you expected.

What is pulling your forward during this moon? How do you choose to proceed? Are you feeling challenged? or righteous? Where is your next step leading you?

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