Monday, October 10, 2016

Most Feared Woman

No matter where you are in today's culture, it's obvious that there remain narrowly defined roles and rules for women. In some regions and countries, it may appear women have freedom, but that's deceptive.

As I write this, a strong, dedicated, qualified woman (Hillary Clinton) is running for U.S. President. Challenges arise which no man running for that office ever received. Ever. No matter the political party affiliation.

Upon reading this quote, truth dawned on me. She's not looking for validation from anyone. She's moving forward in the world with confidence and power. That scares many men, and a number of women.

There have been two Presidential debates. Her opponent (Donald Trump) used many varied and extensive intimidation tactics: looming presence behind her, talking over her, accusing her of having 'hate in her heart' (as though he would know!). One of the best memes I've seen underscores the above quote: Once again, we have a strong, highly qualified woman who has to compete for a position with a man who is nowhere near her in competency. I look forward to the day when this no longer happens.

How do you respond to a woman who does not require validation? Why would she be feared? How can you help reduce the imbalance in competition? How might this be important for our daughters and granddaughters? for our sons and grandsons? for all future generations?

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