Friday, February 24, 2017

Women Heal

When everyone else gives up, it is women who sing the songs of warriors.

Patterns formed over the lifetime of recorded history and myth continue to show that women are the strongest, most dependable healers. Their healing may begin ~ or end ~ with the physical, yet that is not often ~ or necessarily ~ the core of their power.

From earliest childhood, we train children who get injured while playing to run to their mothers for a kiss to heal a bump or wound or sore. We know it works too. As soon as Mother's cool lips touch the tender place, the child perks up, feels better and is off and running again.

Women often have a broader and more pervasive understanding of their world and the essence or nature of healing. Their nature is to connect with the cycles of the Moon and the Earth. In so doing, they have a regular opportunity to feel the heartbeat of the Universe. They provide succor to, encourage and nurture life. The cycles also teach they about the ebb and flow of life ~ that sometimes we must let go in order for life to grow and continue. Sometimes we need to withdraw. Sometimes we need to grieve. These are all ways of healing.

We don't usually refer to or think of women as warriors, with the possible exception of particular women, yet women are warriors as well. Sometimes in the guise of a military campaign, in uniform or not, they confront the enemy directly with weapons drawn. Other times, perhaps more often, they are in the background supporting, guiding and providing their own kind of reconnaissance, being watchful without being observed. Women also sing the warriors songs of going forward in strength, fighting courageously, and returning victoriously and alive. The end goal of all these activities of women is always to find a place and space of peace.

What is your earliest memory of a woman's healing touch? How have you experienced that healing most recently? Why do you think women heal? How have women in your life proved to be warriors? How have they supported the men going off to battle? What woman in your life has sung a warrior's song?

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