Monday, March 13, 2017

Full Moon in Virgo 2017

©2017 ML Monroe
The past month has been filled with activity both in the sky and for me. Last month's Full Moon was accompanied by a lunar eclipse ~ so there was more than enough information in the ethers and on the internet. Eclipses tend to do that ~ and there was both a lunar and a solar eclipse in a relatively short span, which adds to the buzz.

This month, the Full Moon is in Virgo ~ the Virgin, the Woman Complete Unto Herself. Virgo is an Earth sign ~ grounding, deep connections to seasonal cycles. In the Northern Hemisphere, we are on our way to the Vernal Equinox. Close enough to feel the beginnings of its blossoming within our bones. In the Southern it is Autumnal, the feel of letting go. Either way, we flow and tumble into the midst of the cycles.

Also this month, we are surrounded by the square between Pluto and Uranus triggered by expansive Jupiter and affecting the socio-political setting in which we live and move. We must step into that mix, show up with full confidence, integrity and conviction to set ourselves to the task of clearing the way to follow our dreams. It's the time for stepping up and stepping forward to acknowledge our Feminine strength and power.

There is a Rectangular Aspect Pattern called an irritated rectangle formed with the Sun opposite the Moon on one axis and Jupiter opposite Uranus on the other. This creates a gap between two possibilities and tension ensues. An irritated rectangle forms to help clear away what no longer serves. If something is irritated, it rises to the surface and can be released ~ if we pay attention and allow it to go.

This is a Moon of change. In some Pagan traditions, it is called the Storm Moon due to the reference of March going in like a lion and going out like a lamb. In some Christian traditions, it is called the Lenten Moon for its signaling the start of Lent and the changes that can be consciously undertaken during this season. Whatever you choose to call it, think about the change it is calling forth in your life.

What works for you? What in your life is broken beyond repair? What has been fulfilled and completed? How can you release it all without regret? How do you embrace your Feminine strength and power? What new or up-coming adventure are you being called to begin? How did you go into this month and how do you want to go out of it?

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