Monday, January 28, 2013

Mountain Lion, part 1

Wandering up the path lightly and quickly, I paused at the fork to discern which way to turn. I chose left. Twenty feet down that path, around a slight blind curve, I came to an abrupt halt. Poised in the middle of the path, looking over the edge and into the vale below, stood a beautiful mountain lion.
Most of the pages referring to the totemic meaning of Mountain Lion mention two in particular that resonate with my soul: Using leadership power wisely and without ego; Balancing power, intention, strength.

Wise leadership power.... 
As usual, I find that the strengths of the totem are what is newly formed and still raw and untamed within me. I know that I have power; I know that I am capable of being a leader. I've avoided, dodged and evaded it. Now, perhaps, I am ready to step into it in a new way.

The image of that mountain lion, standing so incredibly still and solid ~ and close! ~ is etched in my brain forever. A friend observed that my totems are always in their most alive and proudly powerful position. So what is the message of a quietly standing mountain lion?

More to come.....

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