Monday, July 22, 2013

Momentous Day

In conversation with a friend, I remarked that my mother used to say, "A hundred years from now, what will it matter?" The truth is that very little that I do, or we do, today will survive into that level of posterity.

However, today, two things happened which will: the first because it is a constant; the second because its occurrence is less prevalent. 
Royal Birth Announcement
Full Moon in Aquarius

The full moon in Aquarius is another 'super moon' ~ it brings with it an abundance of power and blessings for all who allow it and relax into the flow of energy from it. Full moons happen every month. Although it doesn't sound like such a big deal, the constancy of the full moon has been a guide for humankind for millenia. It will continue to be one for the next hundred years as well.

The birth of a royal son who is third in succession to the throne of Britain has been also been going on for centuries. However, Britain is now a constitutional monarchy and so the import of an heir is more symbolic than real. Its potency will continue to diminish as time goes on.

How do you feel about these events? Are they momentous to you? or to those you know? Which holds more sway, more weight for you? Is there something currently in your life that holds the weightiness of these events yet is more personal to you?

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