Friday, July 26, 2013

True Healer

"The true healer lets go of the senses and moves from the center of intuition; blameless, she gives herself permission to be exactly who she is."
~ Haven Trevino in The Tao of Healing

Are you a 'true healer'? Are you interested in being a healer? Have others told you that you have a healing way about you? Love makes healers of us all. The traditional tale of 'Mommy kissing the boo-boo/owie and making it all better' comes from that source. A mother's love for her child guides her to do what's necessary to ease the pain. On the other side is the child's trust of the mother. Healing is a two-way street ~ and sometimes, it's only the psyche that receives ease.

Intuition rests at the beginning of being a healer. Following my intuition to the core of what is blocking wholeness has been the primary calling and method of my healing work. Over 35 years ago, I began my healing work ~ energetically with my hands ~ to heal a car.

As a teacher  and a newlywed with an unemployed partner, my car was my lifeline to groceries, meetings with and for my students, court for my students, staff meetings, meetings with friends ~ all the usual events one does in a mundane life. Living on the outskirts of a mid-sized Midwest town, I needed my car to be functional. One Saturday, Rory Sam ~ my little orange Pontiac Astra ~ stopped working. From the simple click-click when turning the key in the ignition, it seemed to be a starter problem. There was no money to get it repaired ~ or to purchase a starter kit and find a friend to do the work. I worried about it all day. At a spiritual gathering that evening (friends picked us up as well as verified that we had a bum starter), there was talk of 'true healing'. I thought, 'If it works on people, why not on cars? Has anyone attempted it?' Since it was pitch black out when I got home, I waited until the next morning to try my theory. After attempting to start the car & hearing the click-click of doom, I opened the hood, extended my hands over the engine block, moved them around until I 'felt' a connection with the starter, and focused on healing. After a few minutes, with another to give thanks, I got into the car and turned the key in the ignition. Rory Sam roared to life. The starter never gave us another problem.

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