Tuesday, July 16, 2013

One Who Moves Forward

Two weeks ago, I drove to British Columbia, Canada, for a retreat. The timing ~ as happens with these opportunities ~ was impeccable as well as overflowing with craziness. While driving there, actually when over two-thirds of the distance and one day into the trip, I thought, "What am I doing? I need to turn around and go home! There's so much I need to do!" [Has this ever happened to you when you were taking time for yourself, for your soul?] I kept driving North. Fairly quickly, within the next 10 miles, my desperation slipped away into surrender. A reality check determined that it would be a day's drive back and nothing more would be accomplished that day.     *sigh* .... *SIGH* .... *deep breath and deep release*

I chose to spend the remainder of the trip, three days, focused on me, on what Spirit had to share with, offer to, and teach me.

Ten days prior to this retreat, under the guidance of the same leader, I'd created this pictured Soul Collage card which titled itself the One Who Moves Forward. The feeling and sense was of one determined to live and to accomplish whatever needed to be faced. Look at those eyes! Serious, determined, challenging, fierce. All great qualities which I found myself claiming on that retreat. I returned home three days later, ready to face the craziness with a renewed sense of purpose and far less internal turbulence.

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