Saturday, November 16, 2013

Learning to Fly

A poem by Christopher Logue:
Edges are often scary places to be. We look up at them, look over them, avoid them. We rarely bring ourselves to the very edge, to the brink. We like to consider ourselves safe ~~ safely avoiding anything that may frighten or hurt us. What we often are in those safe places is less than what we can be.

Another side of edges is that they are taking off places. We can learn to fly, to spread our wings, to let go of whatever it is that holds us back. Edges also teach us to trust. We have to trust whoever or whatever brings us to those edges as well as trust ourselves when we are perched on the edge, ready to go over. 

Learning to fly is a good thing. Trusting the deeper voice within us is a good thing. Trusting God, Goddess, the Universe, the Unknown, whatever name we give to the Mystery that is within and beyond us, is a good thing. Trusting those who push us over is a good thing too.

What edges are you facing? Where do you choose to stand: near the edge? far from it? Who or What pushes you to or over the edge? How would it, or does it, feel to fly?

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