Saturday, March 7, 2015

Mama Killa

If you'd like a Goddess with strength to help you stay the course, try Mama Killa (yes, that's really her name). She's the third deity in the Inca pantheon after Inti (Sun god and husband) and Illapu (Thunder god), though in some coastal communities, She was considered stronger and more vital than the others. As Mother Moon, She regulated women's menstrual cycles and childbirth. She provided shelter, understanding and support to women; in return, they venerated Her.

One myth of Mama Killa was about the Moon's 'dark spots' or lunar craters. Once a fox fell in love with the amazing beauty of Mama Killa and rose into the sky to be with Her. When he came close, she squeezed him against her, creating the dark patches visible on the bright moon's surface.

Lunar eclipses were believed to be a mountain lion or a serpent attacking and attempting to devour Mama Killa and leave the night world in darkness. The Incas would throw weapons and make great noises to scare the creature away.

Goddesses operate from a very different strength than Gods do. Many Goddesses rely less on their physical prowess and show care for the people. Mama Killa took especial care of women in the Inca community. Showing that kind of care over time means that She is capable of guiding and staying the course under any kind of conditions ~ especially when changes occur.

How do you plan to 'stay the course' through any coming changes? How can myths guide you through them? Why would a Goddess be an ally for you? Who else could be one?

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