Thursday, March 5, 2015

Virgo Full Moon, March 2015

©2015 ~ Mary-Lynne Monroe
Another Full Moon ~~ In case anyone hasn't caught on, I love the moon! Today's moon is a perigee moon ~ the farthest away from the Earth. So the moon appears to be smaller.

This moon overflows with emotional energy, possibly even intense or volatile moods. It's important to bridge the emotions rather than playing into the extremes. The shadow side may come to the fore ~ be aware and prepared.

Since this time frame, and consequently the Full Moon, are all about change, the swinging emotions are part of the package. It's important to remember that change is always uncomfortable. If things are comfortable, they're likely stagnating ~ or change is being ignored.

Patience is another watchword for this moon. Accept the fact that everyone is human and makes mistakes. There is opportunity for flexibility and awareness of synchronicity. Everything is possible if patience and persistence prevail.

What emotional energy is flowing into your life? Have you seen the shadow side of your emotions? What change is happening in your life? How are you handling that change?

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