Wednesday, April 1, 2015

One Dream

I was outside a building with large glass doors and a staircase directly in front of me. Many people were on the street and inside the building. It was a linimal time of day, dawn or dusk. Inside the building was lighted while outside was in shadow. Coming from that shadowy space wearing a long, open overcoat, I pulled the door open and entered. Tears were running down my face. Someone had hurt me, not physically but emotionally, and recently though not in the immediate past moments. Keeping my head down, I hoped no one would notice the tears. Someone approached from the left across the lobby as I walked toward the stairs. This person wanted to talk with me about a project on which we were jointly working. Other people were simply going up and down the staircase and across the lobby. The person (he? she?) noticed I was avoiding eye contact and, rather than discussing the project, asked if I was okay. I answered yes and continued toward the stairs, forcing the person to fall into step beside me in order to keep the conversation going.
Feeling: Curiosity and wonder.
Also: after recording this dream, I "accidently" flipped a "magnetic poetry" word off the refrigerator door (something I've never previously done) ~ the word was 'from' ~~ [curiouser and curiouser...]

Dreams, for me, bear much life into my reality. I feel them strongly and often seek to interpret them in the most straight-forward manner. This one, however, brought with it a slightly different sense: wonder. I woke curious about my reason for tears but not feeling sad or hurt at all. The sense of wonder was at the surroundings and my coat and my capacity to not be seen when I chose not to be. Though when I shared it, one friend asked about the elements in it, I found the elements drawing me were different from the ones drawing that friend. My elements were shadow, light and tears. I'll continue to explore what those mean to me as time progresses.

Do you remember your dreams? If so, do you record them? Do you explore the meaning of your dreams? What elements showed up in your dream/s? What do those elements mean to you?

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