Sunday, January 3, 2016

First Snow

We had our first snow of the year today. In my particular neighborhood, not much to it. Yet the streets are ice-covered skating rinks for driving. And the freezing rain continues to fall atop the dusting of white fluff. All-in-all, a great day to stay snuggled indoors, sipping hot chai, writing and watching the cat curl deeper into the comforter in his sleep.

We made it out to our morning coffee spot. Another 'regular' and growing-into-friend was there as well. His wife died Christmas morning and he has promised us who gather there that he will come for coffee every morning. We could not let him sit alone. So we went, sat in comfortable silence for awhile, chatted about the effect of the snow on cars, tires, bicycles, then parted ~ he, on to the remainder of his day; we, on to our crossword puzzling. Amazed and blessed that we could each and all show up safely.

When I returned home, I took my camera out, deciding to take a picture or two of the first snow fall. Crystal pellets of frozen rain tapped my head and hands as I focused my eyes and the camera's lens. The helleborus whose first blossom had popped through right before New Year's Day was covered with the wintry mix. I wanted to clear the snow out and leave the plant open, but did not do so, realizing the snow is a protective layer now ~ keeping the icy pellets away from the earth and roots. Will the delicate bloom survive this onslaught? The answer will com with the thaw tomorrow or the day after that. Since it's happened in the past, I remain hopeful.

As I stepped into the side yard, I was greeted by the faint, elegant tracks of a bird searching for seed or rest or shelter as it hopped around on the ground. Nothing else had disturbed the prints and I breathed my gratitude that, at least for the moment, the neighborhood ferals ~ cats, skunks, raccoons, dogs, coyotes ~ had not gotten it.

I am amazed by the beauty of the world coated lightly in white. Hope and joy accompany this first snow, though I have no explanation as to why that might be so. Yet there they run, across the backs of my hands and tapping out an electric rhythm on my ribcage. Everything glows with possibility and signs of life are radiantly visible.

How do you feel with the first snow? Or the first rain? What do you notice as it falls? when it ends? What signs of life show themselves to you? How do you see it? What feelings arise in you? How do they express themselves in your body?

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