Tuesday, January 5, 2016

Poetic Summary

To continue my reflections on the past year, and my movement into the new one, I'm following the suggestion of a friend to write a lune. [The lune (rhymes with moon) is a very short poem, similar to the haiku. The difference is the haiku has a 5/7/5 syllable pattern while the lune has a 5/3/5 syllable pattern.]

Role change emerges
in manner 
heretofore unformed.

I enjoyed playing with this previously unknown format. Several attempts, lots of taps on table and knee, thesaurus checking ~ all entertained me as I worked with it. Meditation, daydreaming and memory-play each shared a place in the recollection of the past year. Various focal points surfaced. The one that endured through every iteration of the lune was role change.

My role continues to change. Things shift slightly, then slightly more, then a new role blossoms and it continues to open into something as yet undefined. Perhaps undefinable. I marvel at its movement.

Have you attempted to summarize an entire year in 13 syllables? or 19, for that matter? What would happen if you tried? What word or phrase arises within you when you reflect on the past year? or the past season/three months? Does the word or phrase change you? How do you define yourself when you recognize it?

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