Sunday, May 22, 2016

May 2016 Full Moon in Sagittarius and Other Wonders

©2014 ML Monroe
We are currently under the strong and immediate influence of the Full Moon in Sagittarius. The Moon has a great impact on us. We are always looking to the heavens for reasons we often don't fully realize. The light on the night of  a Full Moon captivates us.

May's Full Moon in Sagittarius is the first of two in Sag this year. June's Full Moon will be in Sagittarius also. So we'll have twice as much time to process the power of this event.

This particular Full Moon is about shifting perspective. It may not be as significant as a change. It may be a small 'aha' moment when something comes into clearer view.It may be finding the opportunity for further or deeper self-care. Whatever it is, this Moon offers encouragement in a positive light, illuminating the Big Picture for those who notice it. This is a time of challenging us to recognize truth from fiction, fantasy, lies and illusions. Even, and perhaps especially, the ones we tell ourselves.

For the next month, until the June Full Moon in Sag, we'd be well served to remember to ask ourselves these questions before we speak: Is it kind? It it true? Is it necessary? Is it of positive benefit?

The other wonders happening at this moment: Mercury goes direct today. Whew! We made it through another retrograde session. Since it is only the first day, go gently into communications and interactions. Remember the lessons learned.

Another wonder: Black Moon Lilith has entered Scorpio. She reminds us that there is no light without darkness. It's important to stay aware of the shadows that even the brightest light creates. They are what gives life its variations and facets, its gumption and guts.

As I researched Black Moon Lilith's movement, I found much on Her darker aspects and almost nothing on the positive that they may bring. The feelings or expressions we judge as wrong, negative or evil are also expressions of our wild nature, our deep humanity. They provide us with understanding and compassion as we feel them raging against challenges or suffering with suppression or oppression.

Lilith was the first Goddess to come to me, to touch my life with her darkness and depth. My introduction was discovering the gas chambers in the death camps of World War II were called Lilith's Caves. I wanted to know why. Who was She? Why was She so dark? What I discovered was Her story, which I tell elsewhere. What I uncovered was that She stands with those torn by grief, burdened by depression, exploded by rage, broken by guild. Her comfort is not to take these things away, but to be the One Who remains fully present, witnessing our every step, every tear, every shudder, without denial or looking away.

Black Moon Lilith in Scorpio is Her stepping into the Dark, into the Abyss, of Her own volition. She is quiet and fully present. Scorpio is depth itself, governed by Pluto (currently in retrograde), God of the Underworld, and Mars (also in retrograde), God of War. Sitting within that place, She absorbs and reveals the shadow side of life. Can we sit there with Her?

What are you feeling during this Full Moon? What are you willing to release? What does the Darkness reveal to you in the Light of the Full Moon? How do you balance the two? How has Mercury retrograde affected you?

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