Tuesday, May 3, 2016

Wait Out the Storm

The Enchanted Map by Colette Baron-Reid
From the guide:
Now is not the time to engage in any activity that brings unwanted chaos or drama into your life. This kind of storm can be destructive, and you'll regret your actions later. Hurtful words will be carried on the wind and bring a tornado of betrayal, anger, and unnecessary angst. Find shelter. This turbulent weather will pass, and your house will be untouched. Say no to drama. Wait till the storm blows over--only then will you be heard.

When I was a child, we lived in a place where there were many fantastical storms. Other than winter snow, most of them blazed with thunder and lightning. My mother would gather us and take us into the basement, where we would weather the storm. We had games there and snacks and a radio. It was a quiet, peaceful time.

It was more difficult to gather us if I got outside as the fireworks of the storm began. I loved the lightning shows and the booming of thunder. I would stand at the back door of the attached garage and stare across the yard and into the whirling dark sky. Storms entranced me.

In college, I worked for and with a woman whose 25-year-old son loved to chase tornadoes. We lived in Tornado Alley. Several tornadoes formed and some touched down every Spring/Summer. Talking with my boss gave me pause to recall my childhood fascination with thunder and lightning.

When I saw this card, Reversed as it is, and read about the possible coming storm, all those memories flooded in. Many happenings in my life, my world, could easily turn into chaos. Especially if I act impulsively or incautiously. People around me in some of those situations are on edge, wound up, feeling overwhelmed. It's time for me to hunker down, find shelter, be judicious with my words, and let the storm roar past. No tornado chasing for me.

Can you relate to the storm scenario? How do you hunker down when life gets stirred up? What settles the storms for you? Are you attracted to tornado chasing, in all its forms? How do you resist that when it would be unseemly to engage in the chase?

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