Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Ash Wednesday

With mixed emotions, I begin this blog... I've lived in many different spiritual worlds throughout this life. Ash Wednesday arises from the realm where I began....

Ash Wednesday marks the beginning of what has long been my favorite season of the Catholic calendar. Those words, all are from the dust, and to the dust all return, echo through my very soul on this day. I believe in the Circle of Life. I believe that all things begin from Mother Earth and all things are eventually reclaimed by and returned to Her.

Therein lies the cause of my mixed emotions about this posting: my Catholic upbringing included honoring Mother Earth. I am drawn to both Father God who resides in the heavens and Mother Goddess whose very body is the earth. I have danced with both and find no difficulty or dishonor in that.

Being from the dust, returning to the dust reminds me of one bare truth: impermanence. It is the one day of the year when I confront my mortality and am humbled before my Creator and Creatrix. As I breathe in the ashes of memory, I breathe out the peace that settles my soul. Amen.

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