Saturday, February 16, 2013

Warrior of Light

The warrior of light has dreams.
His dreams carry him forward.
But he never makes the mistake of thinking
that the way is broad and the gate is wide.
Paulo Coelho
Warrior of the Light: a Manual

Remind me again, she said, what is a Warrior of Light?
A Warrior of Light is one who is willing to lay everything on the line for the Light.

What is the Light? she asked.
The Light is one word we use to encompass all things good: truth, freedom, community, justice, joy and love, among other wonders. None of them are possessions. All of them are far more important than anything we can hold onto physically.

Can I become a Warrior of Light?
I don't see why not. Everyone has that possibility within them. It is up to you, sweet child; it is your choice that will lead you there. That and the guidance of Spirit and all the Warriors who have come before you.

Will you guide me too?
If it is the will of Spirit, I would be honored to be one of your guides.

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