Sunday, February 3, 2013

Commitment, part 2

Another aspect to commitment is passion. Passion moves us beyond thinking to acting ~ taking the steps necessary to stand up for what we believe or to work beyond the schedule or simply to move forward to accomplish a task.

The quote by Murray says the moment one commits oneself, providence moves to assist in fulfilling that commitment. The quote comes from his book The Scottish Himalaya Expedition written in 1951. Murray was a mountaineer who found himself fully committed to an expedition by booking passage to Bombay as the first step. He committed his money and his time for the trip to Bombay. Those were the first steps. Then providence took over as plans came together for the rest of the trek.

One must take the first step, take an action, in order to move forward into the realm where providence, the universe, lays out the next step. Commitment is about not sitting still and waiting for the world to arrive. It's about going forward to meet the world face-to-face. It's about stepping into the flow and finding that it carries us along.

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