Sunday, February 24, 2013

Inner Freedom

 Inner freedom and the capacity to actualize this freedom outwardly is the essence of spirituality. This freedom is not, however, a state to be achieved; it is not a goal to be attained. Rather, it is a way of being inwardly which is awakened out of its dormant state by our untying of knots that limit and distort our vision of who we are.                             ~Christina Feldman
 Inner freedom ~~ one of those elusive traits or ways of being that disappears the moment we focus on it. If we think about it, if we attempt to reach it, that immediately invalidates it. Why? Ah. Well, there's the rub.... if we're truly inwardly free, we are not attached to being so. Funny thing that. Once we focus on it, we show our attachment to it and, poof!, it disappears.

I also love the thought of 'our untying of knots' internally, spirituality, thoughtfully. What are some of those knots? For me, one is my desire to please others. Not all the time. And, if one had the opportunity to ask my mother, she'd say that I was contrary and rarely cared to please others. But that's not true. I've struggled for years to resist the easier path of 'going along'. Not just to resist, but checking in with my heart, with my soul, to learn what MY path was.

What knot in your life do you need to untie?

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