Monday, March 11, 2013

Dark Moon

How are you on this night of the Dark Moon? What are you feeling? What stirs your soul tonight? Watch your dreams this night! Listen to them. Write them down. Let them brew within you.

Since a very young age, perhaps 4 or 5, I have loved the Moon. Her phases taught me much about the phases and changes of life. Things are bright, clear and visible at one time; dark and shadowy at another; and every degree of light and shadow between. Personally, I always liked the dark and shadowy times ~ easier to hide within them.

Why was I hiding? I rarely pondered that; it simply felt right and natural. Now, focusing on the aspect of hiding, I recognize that I wasn't truly hiding, I was waiting in the dark, like the Dark Moon, for my time to wax to fullness. I am content for it to take its time arriving because I know it will happen at the specified time and place.

Specified by whom? you may well ask. By the Ineffable One, the All That Is, the One Who Was Before and Is Now. That One has kept me and tested me in the times of the Dark Moon, and keeps me still. I am sooo grateful.

I am not one of 'those people' who wait and wait for a voice to tell them what to do or for things somehow to be shown clearly. What I mean is that I believe my life is Divinely guided. I still have choice and can make decisions as to what I'm going to do and where I'm going to go and how I'm going to get there. In all that, I also believe very deeply in my own intuition, insight and wisdom.

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