Tuesday, March 5, 2013

Stones from Crayons

Stone Woman
Standing Stones
Stone Nation
Solid as a Rock

Amazing the words
   that show up
   and flow
   and stream forth
When what I find pulling me
   most in nature is
I hear the stories
   the tales of the
   Stone Nation
   our oldest relations
   Do I remember?
   Do you remember?
They are the formation
   of Earth Herself
They are her first children
   they carry the stories
Do you know how still
   you have to sit to hear the stones
   tell their stories?
Sweat lodge
   Grandmother and
   Grandfather stones
   sacrificing their lives
   for the People.
To be so honored
   to tend the sacred fire
   to sit in the lodge
   deepens connection
   to the Earth
For the stones
   for their stories
   for the blessings
   I am grateful

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