Saturday, March 23, 2013

Wandering Footsteps

What hope shall we gather, what dreams shall we sow?
Where the wind calls our wandering footsteps we go.
                                     ~ Sarojini Naidu, from Wandering Singers
Gathering hope. An incredible thought in today's culture. What the news provides is a continual barrage of negativity ~ murder, rape, discontent, war. There's no resolution ~
it's all about battle, being in opposition. That's what catches our ear, our eye; what brings in the money.

Hope is what keeps our hearts alive. Looking forward to something. Like children looking forward to Chanukkah or Christmas or Kwanzaa or summer vacation. We sow those dreams in the hearts and minds of the young for a reason ~ it keeps hope alive, it keeps the culture and world moving in a positive direction.

Where does the wind call your wandering footsteps? What is the next forward, positive direction for you to move in? What hope is gathering like wool within you? What dreams are you sowing in the Spring soil of your soul?

Let your wandering footsteps lead you to Spring, to renewal, fecundity, the future. Step outside and around the negativity of the world and sow dreams of peace, joy and love. Find your deepest truth.

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