Monday, November 28, 2016

Choice and Miracles

ML Monroe 2016
Sometimes life brings miracles and we recognize them. Yesterday at the beach was crazy rainy and windy. Even our attempt to go for a short walk and take some photos was squelched by the weather.

This morning, we opened the curtains to see this incredible view. Clouds, reflected sun and waves on the other side of the parking lot and trees.

After taking a couple of photos from the balcony, we decided to head for the walk on the beach. We grabbed our various cameras (phones, point-and-shoot, mirrorless and DSLR), bundled up and headed across to the beach. It was perfect. As we walked the beach, we noticed every bit of the beauty along the way. Almost at the same time, we decided to turn around and head back. Perfect timing. As we crossed the parking lot heading back to the hotel, it started to mist and drizzle.

The morning was a miracle. A series of the small ones that often slip by. The bright clouds reflecting the sunlight, the reflection in the water on the parking lot. The crashing of the waves, the dancing sea foam. The incredible play of light and water. And the rain waiting until we were done to begin again.

We always have choice as to our perception of what happens in our lives. We can count things as miracles and blessings. We can take the good for granted. We can focus on the negative that shows up. It's not to say negative or bad things don't happen ~ or we can make them different by ignoring them. It is to say we get to choose our cynosure, our polestar. If we're open to the miracles, they show up ~ and rainy days bring moments of sheer radiant beauty.

On what do you focus when things don't go as you planned? Do you notice the miracles in your life? What have you noticed recently? When did you take the good in your life for granted? What recent happening struck you as influential?

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