Thursday, November 17, 2016

Expanding Horizons

Haindl Tarot
from the guide book:
I Ching Hexagram: 50 The Cauldron (Success)
The ruin cathedral's window opens to the sky. The remains suggest that humanity's ancient need to give structure to religious feeling.
Today, I took an enjoyable class on the minor arcana of the tarot. Each person brought their own personal deck and focused on the cards as we went through the general meaning of the numbers and the suits. When we finished the teaching part, we shuffled our minor arcana cards and drew one.

As I shuffled, I thought about an opportunity that had surfaced in my life yesterday. I was already leaning toward accepting it, but there was that little bit of doubt ~ of feeling that, perhaps, I was making a mistake. The questions that played in my mind were: How do I respond to this opportunity? Does it offer me what I need for my next step? Show me an energy to direct me.

The card I drew was the Three of Wands. In the Haindl deck, which I use, the word Virtue is on it as well as the I Ching hexagram 50, The Cauldron. Perfect.

The Three of Wands is about being prepared to take risks and explore new opportunities. It represents initiative, ambition, drive and desire ~ with a dash of risk-taking. It symbolizes an inner balance and optimism as well as the energy needed to take on great adventures.

In some other Tarot decks, the Three of Wands features the Caduceus, Mercury's winged wand twined with two snakes, which is the symbol of the healer or shaman who can travel between worlds.

It's message is one of following one's intuition, staying in the moment and moving forward. It suggests to act quickly on an idea or desire because this is the perfect timing. There's nothing to lose from taking the risk. Embrace the change and follow the vision.

This was a surprising, as well as not surprising, card to draw. I chuckled when I saw it. Three weeks ago (to the day), I had voiced to the Universe that I wanted an opportunity like the one that showed up yesterday. And now, it seems, even the random-seeming draw of a Tarot card confirmed what I already knew: that it was time to move forward and expand my horizons on this one.

What method do you use to confirm decisions you feel may be a flight of fancy? What belief system do you have that helps you move forward? How do you work with your own intuition? How do you share what you intuit with others?

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