Friday, November 11, 2016

Veterans Day 2016

In the midst of everything else that is going on in the United States right now, today is Veterans Day. I am proud that my state passed a measure to add to the monies for veterans benefits. Many of my friends and relatives have served in various branches of the Armed Forces. My father and uncles served in World War II. They all returned from their active duty. Other friends and relatives served in Korea, Vietnam and various bases around the world. Most of them returned as well.

What I recognized ~ with all but the WWII vets because I did not know them before they served ~ is that even if they returned with their bodies in tact, something had happened to their spirits. Not something I could define or label, though PTSD certainly comes to mind. What I noticed were those occasional times when they looked into the middle distance and I knew they weren't aware of my presence anymore. Some of those moments were subtle. I didn't see or hear any of the nightmares.

When I think of those things, I am humbled by their service. In their honor, I also pray that more will not be required to go to war.

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