Tuesday, November 8, 2016

Contagious Courage

Today, as we look to the possibility of the first woman President of the United States, it is fitting to begin with a quote from the current First Lady. As I write this, ballots continue to be cast and counted across the nation. It is early in the day yet.

Looking at the identities of these two women, I see a pattern of courage. Michelle Obama is the first African American woman to occupy the White House as First Lady. She has spoken elegantly of her thoughts and feelings in her role. She has continued to be a helpmate to the President and a mother to their children. But she has shown herself to be so much more than that. Her continuing repetition of the phrase, "When they go low, we go high" moved the Democratic campaign toward a different track, one that moved away from mud-slinging. It takes indomitable courage to go that route.

Hillary Clinton has been First Lady. She has been investigated relentlessly by those who want to challenge her rise to power and prominence. She has borne up with incredible grace. She has been attacked for being too strong and sure of herself as well as for being too soft simply because she is a woman. Her courage and stamina in facing these accusations and all the others that have come her way show her worth.

These two women are Leader archetypes, although from different directions. Michelle Obama comes to it from the aspect of the Sage. Her words and actions show her aptitude for contemplation, intelligence and advise. She shares from the wisdom she has gained in her life. Hillary Clinton come from the aspect of the Creator. She wants to form something new out of the remnants of the old. She has been steadfast in her progress toward that end. They both exude the sense of confidence and calm in the midst of the storm of these times. Their courage sets the bar high for the next steps for the United States.

Who exemplifies courage for you? Why? What archetype does that person represent? How do you experience and express courage yourself? Do you feel more courageous as others reveal theirs? Or do you prefer to be the first?

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