Thursday, November 3, 2016

Dreaming the Answers

Some friends and I were discussing the upcoming,or perhaps better stated, ongoing election. There is an incredible reign of terror being perpetuated by every side. As we touched on the possible outcomes, we acknowledged that when we meet again next week, the election will be over. I gradually became aware that I was the only one holding the high road that Light and Beauty would prevail ~ no matter what. As one of my friends said, "We're influenced by the prevailing energies that are out there."

Although the specifics of the conversation have left me, the sadness, fear and anxiety my friends voiced has not. Oddly enough, this quote was in the margin of the book we were studying together. I took it as a sign of hope.

Our dreams come in a variety of waves through our lives, night time imagings being one of the possibilities. More importantly, we have the power to interact with those dreams ~ in all their forms ~ to uncover the answers, the deep and true meanings. The answer to the question What does this dream mean? is not to run to a book of dream image meanings, but to ask What do you/I think in means?

More than two decades ago, I had several similar dreams over the course of a month. The primary constant in each of them was the predominant color in each of them: orange. The sky, the landscape, the very air held an overcast tint of orange. Although I can recall much of those dreams to this very day, I knew ~ and still know ~ little of their meaning. What I can say is that in less than a year of having those dreams, I was standing on a corner in Nasr City, Egypt ~ where I would be living for the coming year ~ marveling at the orange hue everywhere. Had my dream led me to Cairo? or had Cairo called to me through my dream? I cannot say for sure. I only know the two were clearly connected.

I believe we can call forth dreams of a better world or community or family or job. We only need to open ourselves enough to let those dreams come through. I am always open to being proven wrong ~~ but of this I am certain: our words and our visual imagings carry their own power into our lives and into the world.

What do you believe about dreams? Where did that belief come from? Do you believe dreams have power? If so, are you open to their power? What dream have you had that came true in some way after you dreamt it?

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