Saturday, January 4, 2014

Go With the Wild

Rose is a Rose comic for 01/01/14:

When this comic caught my eye, it really hit home. I've been wavering between impulsively shifting from my current job to ... well, something else ... and something with not as stable an income or staying with the current structure. Internally, it's been a focus of the past several months. There are many reasons for the wavering. I've had the structure of my job for many years. Not the specific job, but the role of being a teacher within a public school structure. It's one of the most stable positions around. And yet ... there are many questions about the direction of public education. Questions of outcomes; questions of accountability; questions of the basic stability of the system itself. More than that, I sense that the time has come for the younger educators to really take charge. I want to write, to work in other realms of education, to share other facets of my learning and knowledge in other ways.

So, as Rose ponders her choices, I continue to ponder my own.

What in your life could benefit from living impulsively? What needs structure and stability? Is there a way to balance the two?

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