Wednesday, January 15, 2014

Smallest Moon of 2014

Happening now! Tonight!
Wait ~~ isn't the moon always the same size? Maybe, but it doesn't always look the same size in our perception of the night sky. With good readon. The MiniMoon is at its apogee ~ it's farthest point away from the Earth. Just as the SuperMoon, which is at its perigee, appears larger, so the MiniMoon appears smaller.

Go outside and look at the night sky ~ take a good look at the moon. If you hadn't heard that it was a MiniMoon, would you have noticed the difference? Really?
This is the difference if you put two versions of the moon next to each other .... and who can do that in the night sky?

Is the comparative size of the moon significant to you? Why? Does your body or do your emotions respond to the moon? Differently when it's closer or farther away? If you don't know, pay attention tonight and next month and compare!

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