Friday, January 10, 2014

Good Madness

I love Neil Gaiman.
He's one of my favorite literary geniuses
 ~~ or would it be genii? 

May 2014 bring you Good Madness! What in the world, or out of the world for that matter, makes madness good? Societal norms suggest, or state most implicitly, that madness itself is an anomaly and should be avoided at all costs. And yet.... and yet... perhaps it's about allowing yourself to be different. Allowing yourself to respond in ways that maybe aren't quite, yet possibly close-but-no-cigar truly true to yourself. Even though it might not be so in the eyes of those around you.

Good Madness is also about believing in Magic and Dreams and the incredible possibility, or even likelihood, that someone out there thinks you are wonderful.

Can you imagine your coming year filled with art of all sorts: visual and literary and auditory? Your home, your space overwhelmed by color and design and light. Wow! What a year is heading your way!

What do you plan to do with it?

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