Monday, July 14, 2014

Choosing an Illusion

Often in our lives, something attracts our attention. We call it 'reality' or 'illusion' or 'dream' or 'possibility' ~ whatever suits our immediate temperament.

What it is, is of less importance than what we name it. Our word for the attraction is powerful. It becomes our focus and we make it into the moment's truth.

This particular image and statement captured my attention for that reason. I had never thought of the light at the end of the tunnel as an illusion. I thought of it as a goal, as something to reach toward. My thoughts about the tunnel never turned toward it being reality or illusion either. I simply thought of it as a place where I happened to be traversing. I must explain that I've always liked tunnels, caves, ladders up to unknown places. For me, a tunnel is not a negative place to be. My definition of the 'tunnel' and the 'light' are uniquely my own.

Most of us have a general understanding of the power of words, the power of how we think and talk about the people, places and events in our lives. I can go to a concert with a friend. When we leave, I say, "Wow! That was fantastic!" My friend responds, "Yeah. It was pretty good, I guess." Even though our descriptive words are nearly the same, the "I guess" implies an unsure attitude. We've experienced the same event, but we describe it differently. That colors our individual emotional sense ~ and even physical sense ~ as we part ways and go home. I'm upbeat, tapping my steering wheel to the music running through my mind. My friend is tired, quieter. It's in our minds that the reality or illusion is born.

How do you approach the events in your life? Do you recognize the strength of your words? Is the Light or the Tunnel an illusion to you? Why?

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