Monday, July 7, 2014

Spider Weavings

SpiderWoman by Susan Seddon Boulet
Yesterday, I posted my reflections on the Spider bites I've recently acquired ~ and with no Spidey senses! Today, I focus on the Druidic-Celtic-Shamanic interpretations of Spider.

In the Druidic lineage, Spider represents the Bard through producing art, the Seer through finding the best hideout for the hunt and the Druid through being a teacher.

Because She is Guardian to ancient languages and alphabets, writers are considered to have Spider as a guide. The eight legs and spokes of Spider's web show the eightfold wheel of sacred festivals. She is associated with creativity and the energy of the spiral linking past, present and future and pulsating with movement of its own.

Much of the Shamanic view of Spider coincides with Indigenous Peoples views as that's where Shamanism draws its teachings. As with the Druids, She is a symbol of creation, weaving realities, infinity and balance. She awakens creativity, particularly writing creatively.  She teaches us that we are constantly weaving the fabric of our lives and we have choice in how we do it. She reminds us of our interconnectedness to all life.

For me, the salient points are creativity and writing ~ both of which are vital to the fabric of my life at this moment. I am actively pursuing the energy of the Weaver, the One who brings clarity to the purpose and design of the Web of Life. I am learning a more creative view of webs as networks of roads to travel rather than places to get entangled. Since the silk that creates the web of my life comes from within, I desire to awaken more of the intuitive side ~ the precious pieces within me that understand the intention of and for my life.

Are you aware of what you are weaving into reality? Are you feeling creative? or stuck? What are you ready to write or put into a creative form?

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