Thursday, July 3, 2014

Finding Enchantment

"Be clearly aware of the stars and infinity on high. Then life seems almost enchanted after all."
― Vincent van Gogh

When I saw this particular image, it reminded me of the swirling stars on many paintings by Vincent van Gogh. The swirls seem vibrating and alive. What he saw in the night sky appears similar to the images returned to Earth from the Hubble telescope in its orbit. What a visionary he was!

The quote from van Gogh exhibits how awe inspired he was as he lived and painted. What amazing genius. I'd love to live from that place, from that view of the magic of life all around. I certainly have moments when I'm aware of the beauty and wonder around me. My life is too busy. Too much movement and craziness prevails around me. I can do things more quickly than in van Gogh's day, and for longer periods of time during the day. Yet I'm unclear whether that has actually improved the quality of my life.

I love technology. Yet ~ being connected has its own drawbacks. It means that I have less privacy; that I rarely write long letters, or any letters, to my friends; that I need to be near an electrical outlet!

My goal, at least for this next week leading up to the Full Moon, is to stop more often, breathe more deeply, and write to at least three friends ~ even if it is a long email rather than a letter (though I will write at least one letter!!). I will look for the wonder and enchantment around me.

What would you want or need to change to connect with the enchantment in life? How does your 'connected' life disconnect you from the natural world? What one goal could you set for the next week in order to reconnect?

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