Wednesday, July 16, 2014

What's in the Mist?

The Mist by Carl Sandburg

"I am the mist, the impalpable mist, 
Back of the thing you seek. ....

I was at the first of things, 
I will be at the last. 
I am the primal mist ..."

I woke gently and groggily from the dream.... all around was The Mist. The ground was flat stone, like paving stone or large flat rocks that make up the landscape. I'd been encountering a variety of presences in the Mist. No one was clearly seen except in the brief passing from one position to another. To some, it would have seemed we were fighting or struggling against each other because much of the contact was surprised, often aggressive-looking. Instead, it felt more like a dance ~ a huge, unrehearsed, unexpected dance. Upon waking, I felt anxious, unsure ~ as though I'd left in the middle of a performance and others were going to be expected to make up for my disappearance.

Dreams bring so much into our lives. They bring adventure, definition, excitement, information, fear, pleasure, and a whole host of other things. There is no one interpretation for the dream ~~ unless it is the one determined by the dreamer. 

One interpretation of my dream signifies an adventure upon which I am embarking. There are roles and players of those roles. I will encounter them and have a variety of exchanges with them. We will be 'dancers upon the stage.' I know more depth and breadth will come as I sit with the dream.

I chose the snippets from Sandburg's poem for several different reasons. He was born in Illinois, as was I. Also, I love the personification of The Mist. It's a being ~ which is how it felt in my dream. The Mist was dancing with us. It certainly felt both impalpable and primal. I will also sit with the words of Sandburg's poem to see if it helps clarify any more of my dream.

How do you interpret your dreams? Do you see or read significance in them? Do you find or search out the words of others that may speak to you? Do you match those words to your dreams?

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