Monday, February 2, 2015

Full Moon in Leo

The February Full Moon is often referred to as the Snow Moon. That's a great title for this Moon. With the winter storms raging across the Midwest and Northeast over the past couple of days, it's a very fitting moniker! (

Other than the snow storms, this Moon is chock full of positive energy and celebration. That could include finding ways to enjoy the storm as it passes through. It brings with is an incredible energy for creativity and for making positive changes in your personal life. This can include health, relationships and home. Leo is also about the inner child and innocence. Find new ways to view things, be curious, engage the magic moments, follow your heart. Like that innocent child, let go of self-criticism. Be willing to make mistakes and get messy for the sake of learning and creativity.

Full Moons are magical. They provide bright light in the midst of darkness. Take this kind of energy and run with it. Find ways to be grateful and let your own inner moonlight shine.

What is this Full Moon saying to you? How are you allowing space for creativity? What are you curious about?

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