Wednesday, February 4, 2015

Listening to the News

Over the past few days, the news has carried very gruesome images and graphic stories about killing of a hostage and the retaliatory state hanging of prisoners.

It's also carried the verbal jousting of a Republican majority Congress with a Democratic President.

Not to mention winter storm Linus as well as the latest on measles outbreaks due to 'vaccine resisters.'

We can say that one of these stories carries more of an impact than the others, but the truth is that they all weigh us down. They all eat away at our sense of security. They challenge our sense of hope, wonder and awe.

Tolkien's words reassure us that although darkness and peril are about in the world, there is also much beauty and wonder. Yes, he wrote fantasies. He also fought in World War I ~ the 'war to end all wars' ~ and understood the tragedy of losing most of his friends by 1918. What he held onto was the magic of hope.

In these days, when we spend so much energy getting the most descriptive stories from the news and social media, we have to find ways to reach a balance, equilibrium. The stories of resilience, hope and joy beyond despair and fear can rekindle that same hope and willingness.

How do the news stories affect you? What do you do to counter that effect? Where do you find hope? How do you help yours to continue?

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  1. I am on a low information diet. If I want to know something, I do my own reporting and research and thinking and decision-making. It's really a much healthier diet.