Thursday, February 19, 2015

New Moon Slipping from Aquarius to Pisces

The New Moon on February 18th becomes a perigee New Moon during the daylight hours of February 19th and is therefore unseen (unlike the picture). In 2015, it is the closest New Moon to Earth.

This New Moon moves from the last degree of Aquarius into the first degree of Pisces ~ in the place of transition, culmination, fruition, and initiation. As with every New Moon, it's a time of birthing. This one overflows with Aquarian vision and Piscean altruism, a time to focus on helping humanity in the best possible way.

Bridge the worlds with vision and dreams ~ face the shadow self and move forward from potential to manifestation ~ DO SOMETHING! This New Moon is about taking charge of the forward momentum in life.

Each New Moon presents an opportunity to let go of what doesn't serve and plant a new crop of what does. It's important to take advantage of the energetic flow. Accept responsibility for choices made, paths taken, bridges built.

How does the energy feel to you? What are you waiting to birth, to create? What is the shadow side of yourself? how will you face it and move forward? What will be your first next step?

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