Saturday, February 28, 2015

The End of Febraury

photo by Warren Nistad
In some parts of the Northern Hemisphere, even in areas that are considered more moderate in their wintry weather, people continue to dig out of snow, slosh through muddy melt, slide along ice-covered walks and streets.

Then there are the areas, generally cool and wet in the winter, where camellias are blossoming, daffodils and croci are nearly bloomed out, long-sleeved t-shirts and shorts are regular wear.

Living in the latter zone, I hear many voices quiet with surprise, almost whispering, "Hard to believe it's only February!" For the skiers, it's been, "Wow! Not much snow on the mountain this year."

Here we are. The last day of February. How do we address the end of a month? It moves smoothly into the next month. We forget about it. Let it slip into the past, out of our minds. For a select number of people, this is truly the last day of February they will ever know. Some of them may know it, or have some sense of an impending death. Others have no idea. Rather than a morbid thought, this gives me pause to observe the finer points of the weather, notice the Doberman daintily pacing the sidewalk outside my window, marvel at the green glow of the barely budding trees. It affords me the awestruck moment of observing the mundane moments around me and take note of their beauty. I am grateful.

What do you see around you today? How do you address the end of this particular February? Do you celebrate the passing of another month? Do you notice the mild as well as momentous changes around you? What is the most important though you might have today?

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