Thursday, April 21, 2016

April 2016 Scorpio Full Moon

Every Full Moon has its own special characteristics.... much like the people in our lives. As with those people, we sometimes don't want to recognize those attributes.

This particular Full Moon in Scorpio ~ while the Sun rides through Taurus ~ has a wild variety of options in its wake.

Scorpio brings out and up hidden things ~~ deep in the depths things. Not necessarily to shine light on them.... more to shine them up, like Crow, and see who notices. Quietly. Think about what rests within you that this Full Moon is getting ready to shine up, to bring into the light.

There is a great deal about this Full Moon that also brings Light to hidden dynamics and things long avoided. It's pulling us into the powerful darkness with the promise for renewal and deep, dark change. Its potential is to shape that change with the power of personal imagination.

Scorpio is an all-or-nothing sign. Risk. Surrender. Reward. It also thrives on ritually marking changes ~ and healing in the process by facing demons, confronting and walking through fear, embracing every aspect of the experience. As this happens, so does the true and deep magic that Scorpio brings.

Full Moons are about completion and moving forward. Scorpio is about transformation. This is the dance happening in this Scorpio Full Moon. Are you up for it?

What has a psychic hold on you? Are you ready to find out what lies hidden within? What needs to transform in you? Where do you need to own your power? What have you completed?

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