Tuesday, April 12, 2016

Cutting Through Obstacles

Nahualli Animal Oracle cards

From the guide book:
"The very first god that Star Skirt ... created was not a god, as we think of gods, but a tool: the sacrificial obsidian knife, Itztli. .... Itztli is a cutting energy. The force of cutting through obstacles and bad habits is here for your use, but you must be willing to use it. When you pick up the blade of Itztli, it must be with a unified purpose and a firm hand. If your conscious mind is willing, but your subconscious is fearful, you do not have a unified purpose and your ability to wield the force of this Night Lord successfully will be lost. Both your minds must be united, and then your cut will be clear and true."

As usual when I do divination, I asked for guidance and for a strength which might be necessary or useful for the coming week. As I shuffled the cards, a gentle focus and quiet slipped into the room. I cut the deck one final time and turned over the top card ~ not my preferred pattern for drawing cards. I noticed the Divine Stone immediately.

A pattern in my life is in the process of significant change. I need to cut through the obstacle keeping me bound to the old pattern. It's an important step so that I can move on. Yet... I am aware that my conscious and unconscious minds need to be unified before I take the blade and cut the cord. My heart wants the cut to be true.

I believe the Ancestors and the Divine set my hand on this card to reinforce both my decision to change the pattern and my intuition to have a unified purpose. The card now sits on my altar as a reminder. Two words beat their cadence in my mind: Unity and Gratitude.

What pattern in your life calls to be changed? What obstacle do you need to cut through? How can you move forward? How unified are your conscious and unconscious minds in wielding the Obsidian Knife?

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