Saturday, April 9, 2016

Abracadabra Creativity

As I was growing up, 'abracadabra' was an often used word whenever a change was being called forth. It was a magical phrase. We used it to help find lost toys, to reveal favorite treats, to make the TV station work.

When I was a young teen, it was uttered when an emotional response needed shifting. It was easier, more palpable, to hear abracadabra when I was on the verge of exploding or bursting into tears or laughing hysterically than it was to hear any other redirection or correction. It became our catch-word for change.

Coming from that background, it was startling to discover that it truly is a word of creation. We used it to create a new direction, a shift in the journey we were on, in the direction in which we were headed. It was great to be able to make those minimal shifts ~ which eventually led to more significant change because each incremental alteration of emotional response kept the family dynamics running smoothly.

Now that much more time has passed, I understand more and more about the power of words. I've learned that I can create my present and my future with the words I speak. I can change my mood by singing my favorite songs at the top of my lungs in my empty house or my moving car. Abracadabra shows up in my dreams to point out new directions for me to take or people for me to contact. My family no longer uses the magical word even though its power remains written on my heart.

How have you heard abracadabra used? How have you or people you know used it? Is there a word that shows up in your mind when you are ready for a change? Would you want one? What words have a special or magical power for you? How do you create your own journey?

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